Season 2011-2012: Inoculated City Predictions

The Premier League season starts this weekend and as always expectations for City are high. With a debut season in the Champions League, this will no doubt be City’s priority along with the Premier League. All in all, City will compete in four tournaments. Here are Inoculated City’s predictions for the season ahead.

Premier League:

City have strengthened their squad again this summer, the most notable addition being Sergio Aguero. The other additions have not been as seismic as in recent transfer windows which should benefit the team spirit which seemed to be growing towards the end of last season. Make no bones about it; City will endeavour to win the Premier League. They have the quality but whether they can balance the challenges of the Premier League and the Champions League remains to be seen. City will not win the League for one reason: they are Manchester City.

Prediction: 2nd

Champions League:

Progression from the group stage of the Champions League is imperative for City and they will achieve this. Quarter-Finals are a realistic goal but City’s inexperience of regularly playing top European teams will be their downfall. Few will expect City to win this competition but being in it next season is seen as inevitable which means pressure. It will be exciting to welcome top European teams to the right side of Manchester.

Prediction: Quarter-Finals

The "Promised Land" of the Champions League

FA Cup:

As FA Cup holders, City would love to retain this trophy. If City make a sustained push for the Premier League and are still involved in the Champions League, one would imagine that the FA Cup would fall by the wayside due to the nature of the English footballing calendar. City will give it everything but will not be lifting the FA Cup this season.

Prediction: 5th Round

League Cup:

City should try to win this trophy as this is their most realistic chance of silverware this season. The tournament is over by February and City will have success. Not many teams take this tournament seriously and City should take advance of this. After all, there are only so many trophies to win so City should go for broke.

Prediction: Winners

A word of caution: these predictions have been made with an air of optimism and may not reflect your own views. Trying to predict City’s next move is like trying to predict the weather; impossible. Sit back and enjoy the season ahead.

Words by Rob Toole

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