Clive Tildesley is a moron!

In light of the rather dull encounter between England and Wales last night I was left frustrated, like many, with the England’s performance. Despite the 1-0 victory the football was far from entertaining. What was most infuriating was the idiotic commentary of ITV’s Clive Tildesley. Quite frankly, Clive Tildesley is a moron!

ITV are not exactly renowned for their first class commentary and punditry yet last night Tildesley’s nauseating insistence that Wayne Rooney’s performance was exceptional was too much to stomach. A prime example was when Rooney tracked back to England’s half to defend and win the ball back. Tidlesley praised Rooney’s desire, work ethic and influence on the game stating ‘that shows how much Rooney wants to be a part of the game’. Ok, that’s all good and well but when England’s only striker on the pitch is defending and lagging behind at left back whilst the rest of team is counter-attacking it hardly poses a threat to the opposition. Rooney is a centre forward and should therefore stay forward.

Clive Tyldesley: Professional idiot

If that wasn’t enough, in the second half, Rooney tried an audacious chip from the edge of the area which went horribly wide, so much so, that it not only missed the goal it almost missed the penalty area. It would normally be a rather insignificant moment of a poor game of football but when Tildesley piped up and said ‘he’s in that kind of mood tonight’ as if it were a good thing it only added to the frustration of the dire spectacle. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that Rooney was on his hat-trick with commentary like that. On the contrary, Rooney had a poor game as did most of the England team.

It seems that Tyldesley was blind to the fact that it was a terrible game. Rooney was ineffective and had little or no influence on the game. Tyldesley was clearly infatuated with Rooney’s early season form for Manchester United, his hat-trick against Arsenal probably at the forefront of his infuriatingly moronic mind. I may be overreacting but I was under the impression that commentators were supposed to commentate on what they see not what they have seen two weeks earlier. Absolutely disgraceful!

Words by Rob Toole

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  1. Hels said:

    Very true, but I’m afraid it’s par for the course with commentators, hence the reason I watch nearly all televised football without the sound. Anyway, don’t care about England, back to the important stuff next week and Tyldesley can bugger off back to rag land and moon over Rooney’s ugly mug to his heart’s content. Me, I’m gonna bluemoon over our boy, Aguero ♥

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