City versus Blackburn Reaction

City provided somewhat of a reality check in their most recent Premier League clash with Blackburn. On the day, City ran out 4-0 winners courtesy of goals from four players: Adam Johnson, Mario Balotelli, Samir Nasri and Stefan Savic.

Whilst Blackburn’s fortunes truly do look gloomy, the same cannot be said for City. In spite of what you may have read in the wake of the Munich affair and Carlos Tevez’s alleged refusal to play, life goes on at City and things seem to be on an upward curve.

Balotelli celebrates against Blackburn

Nauseating accusations of a lack of team spirit within City reared their ugly head after Munich. The extraordinary actions of one man, Carlos Tevez, do not necessarily affect the entire team.

The performance against Blackburn alone was evidence enough of an established and growing team ethic amongst the City team and management. How can a group of players who mustered up 19 shots and 4 goals against Blackburn have no team spirit? From a wider perspective, how can a team who have scored 27 goals in all competitions, this season, and remain undefeated in the league, lack team spirit? Take a look at the footage of changing room celebrations after last season’s FA Cup victory and you simply cannot argue.

Words by Rob Toole


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