Balotelli Just Can’t Handle It

“Mario Balotelli flew off the handle after his red card in Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Liverpool.

Manchester City’s hothead striker banged the visitors’ dressing room door so hard the handle broke.

 Balotelli then charged off to find a TV monitor to see the clash with Martin Skrtel that led to referee Martin Atkinson showing him a second yellow card.

 Team-mate Aleksandar Kolarov went to calm him down and took the City star back to the dressing room, while the handle was easily replaced without apparent need for repair.

 Balotelli and boss Roberto Mancini clearly felt the reaction of Skrtel and the Liverpool players led to him being sent off.

 And the striker, 21, will not face any internal disciplinary action despite the third red card of his City career.

 Balotelli has been involved in a string of controversy since his £21million move from Inter Milan 15 months ago.

 He has had training ground bust-ups and once threw darts at some youth team players at City’s Carrington base.

 More recently, he and some pals accidentally set his house alight after a firework prank.”

The words of Neil Curtis of The Sun. Is it any wonder that so many people have it in for Mario Balotelli with idiotic journalism like this cluttering the nation’s newspapers? This article does nothing more than represent a personal vendetta towards Balotelli.

First of all, let’s be clear, Balotelli should not have even been sent off in the match against Liverpool. One suspects, the goading of the Liverpool players, namely Charlie Adam, the epitome of mediocrity, and the Anfield crowd swayed the referee’s decision somewhat. Opinion on the matter may be divided but it is irrelevant, in truth. The farcical journalism of Mr Curtis is what bothers me.

Curtis claims “City’s hothead striker” banged the dressing room door “so hard” that it broke, but then contradicts himself, almost immediately, by stating the “handle was easily replaced without apparent need for repair”. Surely it can’t have been as ferocious as first suggested. To completely disprove his own point, he later states “..the striker…will not face any internal disciplinary action”. Perhaps that is because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Uncontrollable psychopath Mario Balotelli

Mr Curtis, after clearly realising he has failed to make an argument for the first half of the article, then lists some of Balotelli’s previous shenanigans to further tarnish the reputation of the ubiquitous Italian. Though he rather conveniently omits the story of Balotelli giving £1000 to a tramp outside a casino and the occasion where he confronted some schoolyard bullies to help a friend.

This article isn’t worthy of being classed as journalism such is the vicious nature of it. It is the stream of consciousness of a moron, a personal attack on Mario Balotelli. I am not surprised though; shoddy journalism is part and parcel of the modern game of football. What a shame.

Words by Rob Toole


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