If Liverpool weren’t so bad, they would be great!

In the immediate aftermath of City’s historic* victory over Chelsea last night, I was in a jovial mood. City won 2-1 thanks to a Sergio Aguero spot kick and a fine goal from Samir Nasri after Carlos Tevez provided the assist on his return to the City first team. In truth, the scoreline could and should have been better from City’s perspective, as they dominated the game from start to finish. Having said that, it doesn’t really matter as it was an extremely important game which City needed to win, regardless of the scoreline. Needless to say, I was delighted with the result.

Nasri chips City to victory after a fine performance

Some of the night’s other results and post match comments only added to my sense of joy. Tottenham scraped a draw against Stoke whilst Liverpool threw away a two goal lead to lose 3-2 in the last minute to Queens Park Rangers.

Among the many angry Liverpool fans airing their frustration on the BBC live text coverage, Mo, stated, in direct response to the defeat, “We probably could have won the league if we didn’t drop so many points against lower opposition…”. Right…OK. So what you’re saying is, if Liverpool weren’t so bad, they would be great. That is an obvious statement, so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said. So obvious that if someone does say it, they serve no purpose at all other than to portray themselves as a complete and utter idiot.

The one that tickled me the most was in response to City’s victory over Chelsea, victory being the key word here. Mark Weatherby wrote on Twitter, “As a Manchester United fan I’m not that unhappy at the result. It shows City can be beaten at the Etihad.” Sorry, what was that? City won. Yes, they won, they did not lose so quite how he came to that conclusion is beyond me. If anything, City should have won by a greater margin. They were the better team by a considerable margin for the majority of the game. Making that statement in response to the 3-2 victory over Tottenham, for example, may have made more sense. After all, that was a game which City very nearly lost. What a moron.

Football is a funny game sometimes, or at least some of the morons that tweet and text about it are!

*By beating Chelsea, City set a new Premier League record of the most consecutive home league victories in the Premier League era. A run which now stretches to 20 games and beats Manchester United’s previous record of 19 games.

Words by Rob Toole

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  1. Hels said:

    perhaps we should get a banner at the Etihad: 20 hee hee!

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